Dec 062014


After a two-year hiatus, Pop Up art gallery returns to Salem Center during Holiday Cheer Pop Up, a five-day celebration featuring art, music, food and drink in a spirited atmosphere, Dec. 10-14. Similar to recent First Wednesday alley events, the holiday market offers apparel, cosmetics, toys, ceramics, art, crafts, food products, forest products, jewelry and gifts. The hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday. The free event allows minors.

Adding to the cheer, the event serves beer, wine, cider, spirits and food. Santiam Brewing, Salem Ale Works, Vivacity Spirits, 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Honeywood Winery, Lewman Vineyard and Willametta’s will bring new seasonal products daily. Event programming includes live music Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Winter Cheer Pub Crawl starts at the event from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday and Festivus is celebrated on Saturday 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Fashion designer Oscar Lopez created a spectacular holiday window display at 260 Liberty NE. Showcasing evening wear, the festive installation includes ornaments, mirrors, dramatic lighting and an homage to Oscar’s favorite designers. The display is one of 8 nominations for the best holiday window display contest held by downtown merchants. Please mark your ballot for Pop Up and drop it by the storefront by December 24!

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Jul 162014

Art, music food and drink are scheduled to fill this back alley during the First Wednesday Pop Up, August 6 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The event is part of Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, a monthly program showcasing local producers, downtown businesses and cultural heritage in Salem. In addition to dozens of artists, brewers, distillers, food truckers and performers, a historical dog-walking tour will be offered.

Artist booths are $25 for a 5ft x 5ft for Pop Up Art Gallery artists.

Makers wanting to participate can submit info at Salem Creative Network.

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Apr 242014


Eclectic NW LLC opens at UpSalem location

We’re excited about the new gallery/extreme exercise space opening next month in the former UpSalem Social Innovation Center site at 365 Ferry St. Pop Up art gallery provided storefront art there until early 2014, when the new tenant, Eclectic NW LLC, began to negotiate a lease with the City of Salem. The property has been without a tenant for 5 years.
Our excitement comes from a few places. Storefront art continues to attract new businesses (the fourth since 2011) and this time it’s a gallery/extreme exercise combo – the exact model provided by Salem Creative Network at the 365 Ferry St location. Aerial silk, parkour, sword fencing and breakdancing augmented local artist exhibitions, musical performances and fashion shows during the four months at the space. Now this innovation will be tested in the market.
More organizations are realizing the value of pop up art exhibits in downtown revitalization. The City of Salem’s Urban Development Department deserves recognition for encouraging experiments like this and allowing nonprofits to take risks in social innovation. Now that the program has proven its effectiveness, the Pop Up idea is spreading to other organizations. There’s plenty of room for expanding the idea and we’re glad to be part of the solution.


From Eclectic NW website:
Eclectic NW is the premier destination for custom and locally-made items for your wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, holiday party, housewarming, or corporate event. In addition, our store carries quality furniture, clothing, bath & body products, home decor, childrens/infants products, fine art, outdoor home and garden, and we have a beautiful cafe serving local drip coffee, organic teas, and fine edibles.

From the Statesman Journal:

Get in on the Eclectic NW pre-grand opening party May 30 at 365 Ferry St. We’ll see you there.

Conexiones Latinas exhibits talents of Efrain Diaz-Horna


Oregon artist and poet Efrain Diaz-Horna grew up in Peru and moved north on a scholarship to Mt. Angel College, where he fell in love with a local and the landscape. After a 25 year working for the State, Efrain gave it up to spend more time on drawing, painting and writing poetry. The results are on exhibit through May at Pop Up art gallery, 260 Liberty St NE.


At present Efrain does consulting work and gives presentations on a variety of subjects, ranging from Hispanic issues to magical realism in Latin American literature. Efrain has been drawing, painting, and writing since he was a child. He has exhibited his art in Oregon, Mexico, Russia, and Peru.


His poetry has been published in Expreso, The Oregonian, The Hispanic News, The National Catholic Reporter, and several newsletters. He is the author of the following poetry books The Many Faces of Love (1983), Aire, agua y cenizas (2011), Cuatro poemas (2011), The Anvil of God (2011) and The Life of Oceans (2014). Efrain has been a member of the Oregon Council for the Humanities, The Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Oregon United Nations Association, the Salem Art Association, the Gordon House Conservancy, the Shalom Prayer Center Board and has chaired the Oregon Hispanic Commission.


The exhibition is part of Conexiones Latinas: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, a heritage event with tours and tastings held May 7 in downtown Salem. The walking tour is free and starts at 6:00 p.m.

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Dec 182013

More than 50 original and etchings by artist Salvador Dali are the subject of Surrealist Escape to Bellevue, a motoring tour with Salem Creative Network to the Lawrence Gallery near Sheridan.  Salvador Dali the Argillet Collection, features etchings from original copper plates created during the 1960s for publisher Pierre Argillet. The motoring tour will leave UpSalem Social Innovation Center, 365 Ferry St SE at 11:00 a.m. and return by 2:00 p.m. Cost is free with arranged carpool.

Salvador Dali was an important figure in the surrealist movement, which started in Paris during the 1920s. In addition to etchings, the exhibition includes original watercolors, Aubusson tapestries and the “Victory of Samothrace” bronze sculpture.

Dec 042013

ponderAn aerial performance  kicks off Outside/Inside 2.0, on First Wednesday tonight at 6:00, as sixteen artists start over, covering the last generation with $2000 in paint and Salem style. Sixteen atrtists, including Eric Tautkus, Chris Casarez, Matt Kenitzer, Mario Rosales, Leo Neal, Brett Kango, Timmy Austin, Drew Son, James Burns, Marcel Creer added some color to UpSalem at 365 Ferry St.

Jill Summers, from Defy is performing on the silk and we’re screening Georges Méliès films until eight. See you downtown.

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Nov 152013


Stop by UpSalem at 365 Ferry St for the holiday opening of Pop Up art gallery and Dance Agenda tonight at 8 pm. Gilgamesh is pouring! Also, catch street art in Salem with Outside/Inside before they paint over it!

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Oct 212013
UpSalem Social Innovation Center

UpSalem Social Innovation Center

It’s tough to keep a good thing down. Pop Up art gallery returns for the holidays starting Friday, November 15th at UpSalem Social Innovation Center, located at 365 Ferry St SE in downtown Salem. After a four month breather, Salem Creative Network will once again open the doors for local artists, musicians and performers. For the 125 artists already involved with Pop Up, we’re offering studio space during November and December in the 3000 sq ft space below Liberty Parkade (easy parking!) Reply for the details.

For artists wanting to participate, sign up here and we’ll get you going. Sign up for the newsletter to keep updated on the next events.

Buy local art locally (really!)

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Aug 092013

Teetotallers like to show restraint around certain indulgences. When it comes to visual art, most go overboard with video and film screentime and show restraint “with a capital T” when it comes to other art hanging around the house. Once the comfort level is achieved, it takes a while to change up the scenery. That’s why these doors are practical art in addition to being fun. They all function as doors! Closet sliders, accordians, 28″, 32″, there’s a door for every room. This letter T would look awesome on the pantry closet. It will be released into the wild on August 31 and a mere $75 donation to Salem Creative Network would steer it in your direction. A toast to a nip of local creativity!

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Aug 082013

“So, what’s the story?”, asked another lookey-loo, peering through the darkened storefront of Pop Up on First Wednesday. “This is an exhibition-only space for local artists.” I explained patiently, expecting the usual response of confusion toward the concept.

“That’s great, the art is wonderful and these doors are awesome! I wish I could have one,” she exclaimed, noting that there’s nothing like this in her home town. “Oh, where are you visiting from?,” I asked, finally realizing that she had yet to succumb the effects of Salem blasé.

“Corvallis. I commute daily and think downtown Salem is beautiful.” Her manfriend agreed and they happily donated $75 to Salem Creative Network for their choice of a door to drag home to Corvallis. They selected the letter P and plan to put it in their kids room.

So today’s door is the letter P, for patronage, the lifeblood of any creative endeavor. Salem Creative Network actively seeks new patrons, especially within Salem. One of our most challenging goals is reducing blasé attitudes about Salem that only exist in the minds of Salemites themselves. The world outside the city limits is puzzled by our So-lame self-fulfilling prophecy, especially when they explore heritage and culture downtown.

Are you concerned about the ever-increasing lack of creative opportunities downtown? Donate to Salem Creative Network and support four more years of social innovation education provided by programming like Pop Up Art Gallery, Solarize Salem, Creative Pub Crawl, Willamette Valley Wine Walks, Ignite Salem, Cherry City Music Festival, Megawatt Project, Hospitality Zone Assessment and many more to come. We welcome the patronage.

Aug 062013

Want more local creativity downtown? Stop by Pop Up on First Wednesday and watch Chris Casarez finish the artwork on his Doors4ADay installation. Chris has graciously agreed to kick off the “Another Door Opens” fundraiser, so if you like what you see, donate $75 to Salem Creative Network and receive the door of you choice. Otherwise, take your chances on finding a door downtown when they are released in to the wild in September.
Now in its third year, Doors4ADay provides Casarez with large canvases for his graffiti-style art and an opportunity to educate others about a misunderstood medium. The doors are on display at the Squib Pop Up Art Gallery, 260 Liberty St NE. through August 31, when they will be offered to the public.

Casarez collects unwanted doors and uses mainly aerosol paint to fill the large format with graffiti letters and characters. After a year, he distributes the doors to locations downtown, where they mysteriously disappear. “My kids are always sad to see them go,” Casarez added, “but I have to do it, it’s part of my process,”

Salem Creative Network is a 501c(3) organized to provide solutions through social innovation education.

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