Aug 152012

My name is Cristina Sanchez and I am a basket weaver. It was taught to me by my mom and I am passing down to you. Basket weaving has been in my culture since time immemorial. I will be demonstrating how it is done and you are more than welcome to bring your own supplies and join in.

Supplies: Hemp and Yarn.

Demonstrations will be here at the Pop Up Art Gallery right next to Made In Oregon.

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Jul 292012

Bring your dogs down! Wednesday, August 1, 2012 @ 5- 8 pm. We have a new installation for dogs that we’re sure will be a “treat” for them. Also, pottery wheel demonstration at the downtown Pop Up @ 260 Liberty!

We are introducing Andy Drapiza and Reggie Norbury at the Pop Up Gallery in the mall. Andy is an Acrylic artist who does a variety of pieces, including Liz Taylor to Lighthouses! Reggie is also an Acrylic artist who paints with memories.

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Jan 052012

The Cave of Secrets at Pop Up offered a simple deal; read everyone’s secrets if you leave your own. Upon changing the installation to Personal Predictions for the new year, we were surprised to find 726 secrets left by Pop Up patrons. While all ages left something, the demographic skewed heavily to the teenies. A thorough analysis of the content was even more surprising, and encouraging. The most common secret (130) began with “I love”. Here are a few:
I love Jess. Katie. I love my brother. I love this store I love Jesus I love you Britney. I love my daughters. I love grandma. I love my mom. I love you mom . I love this playground by Kobe. I love my boyfriend forever best friend forever. I love you Logan. I really love my daughters. I love you? I love my family. I love life. I love you. I love men. I love life I am stronger than I know. I love my black, D close Y equals forever. I love this store! PS my secret is I’m scared of what the future will hold. I love Twinkies. I love Cassandra. I love Katie. I love my best friend but he doesn’t know. I love this artwork. I think I am in love with a song. I love February. I love you Jade. I love big bananas. I love the art and that. I love best friend forever Cynthia forever. I love mom. I love the Buddha painting. I love yourself. I love a man. I love 360. I love Oregon. I love my. I love Art. I love you so much! She’s so sure what loves Haylie L. C+ J for ever. I love you. I love Francine the Pazzo. I love everyone he surrounds me with love. I love Bieber.
More to come…

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