Apr 242014


Eclectic NW LLC opens at UpSalem location

We’re excited about the new gallery/extreme exercise space opening next month in the former UpSalem Social Innovation Center site at 365 Ferry St. Pop Up art gallery provided storefront art there until early 2014, when the new tenant, Eclectic NW LLC, began to negotiate a lease with the City of Salem. The property has been without a tenant for 5 years.
Our excitement comes from a few places. Storefront art continues to attract new businesses (the fourth since 2011) and this time it’s a gallery/extreme exercise combo – the exact model provided by Salem Creative Network at the 365 Ferry St location. Aerial silk, parkour, sword fencing and breakdancing augmented local artist exhibitions, musical performances and fashion shows during the four months at the space. Now this innovation will be tested in the market.
More organizations are realizing the value of pop up art exhibits in downtown revitalization. The City of Salem’s Urban Development Department deserves recognition for encouraging experiments like this and allowing nonprofits to take risks in social innovation. Now that the program has proven its effectiveness, the Pop Up idea is spreading to other organizations. There’s plenty of room for expanding the idea and we’re glad to be part of the solution.


From Eclectic NW website:
Eclectic NW is the premier destination for custom and locally-made items for your wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, holiday party, housewarming, or corporate event. In addition, our store carries quality furniture, clothing, bath & body products, home decor, childrens/infants products, fine art, outdoor home and garden, and we have a beautiful cafe serving local drip coffee, organic teas, and fine edibles.

From the Statesman Journal:

Get in on the Eclectic NW pre-grand opening party May 30 at 365 Ferry St. We’ll see you there.

Conexiones Latinas exhibits talents of Efrain Diaz-Horna


Oregon artist and poet Efrain Diaz-Horna grew up in Peru and moved north on a scholarship to Mt. Angel College, where he fell in love with a local and the landscape. After a 25 year working for the State, Efrain gave it up to spend more time on drawing, painting and writing poetry. The results are on exhibit through May at Pop Up art gallery, 260 Liberty St NE.


At present Efrain does consulting work and gives presentations on a variety of subjects, ranging from Hispanic issues to magical realism in Latin American literature. Efrain has been drawing, painting, and writing since he was a child. He has exhibited his art in Oregon, Mexico, Russia, and Peru.


His poetry has been published in Expreso, The Oregonian, The Hispanic News, The National Catholic Reporter, and several newsletters. He is the author of the following poetry books The Many Faces of Love (1983), Aire, agua y cenizas (2011), Cuatro poemas (2011), The Anvil of God (2011) and The Life of Oceans (2014). Efrain has been a member of the Oregon Council for the Humanities, The Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Oregon United Nations Association, the Salem Art Association, the Gordon House Conservancy, the Shalom Prayer Center Board and has chaired the Oregon Hispanic Commission.


The exhibition is part of Conexiones Latinas: Mid-Valley Makers on First Wednesday, a heritage event with tours and tastings held May 7 in downtown Salem. The walking tour is free and starts at 6:00 p.m.

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Nov 152013


Stop by UpSalem at 365 Ferry St for the holiday opening of Pop Up art gallery and Dance Agenda tonight at 8 pm. Gilgamesh is pouring! Also, catch street art in Salem with Outside/Inside before they paint over it!

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Aug 062013

Want more local creativity downtown? Stop by Pop Up on First Wednesday and watch Chris Casarez finish the artwork on his Doors4ADay installation. Chris has graciously agreed to kick off the “Another Door Opens” fundraiser, so if you like what you see, donate $75 to Salem Creative Network and receive the door of you choice. Otherwise, take your chances on finding a door downtown when they are released in to the wild in September.
Now in its third year, Doors4ADay provides Casarez with large canvases for his graffiti-style art and an opportunity to educate others about a misunderstood medium. The doors are on display at the Squib Pop Up Art Gallery, 260 Liberty St NE. through August 31, when they will be offered to the public.

Casarez collects unwanted doors and uses mainly aerosol paint to fill the large format with graffiti letters and characters. After a year, he distributes the doors to locations downtown, where they mysteriously disappear. “My kids are always sad to see them go,” Casarez added, “but I have to do it, it’s part of my process,”

Salem Creative Network is a 501c(3) organized to provide solutions through social innovation education.

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Dec 222012

IMG_6437Yoko Ito, a professional photographer, experienced the 2011 tsunami first hand. She grabbed her camera and started documenting the destruction. The results are on display at Pop Up art gallery through January 2. Over 100 color photographs with Japanese and English captions capture the detail of ordinary people responding to the disaster.

Tonight at the opening, Willamette alum Anna Thomas will lead a discussion about her time in Japan with Yoko. Join us for the opening and a Pop Up holiday party from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. BYO.

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Aug 152012

My name is Cristina Sanchez and I am a basket weaver. It was taught to me by my mom and I am passing down to you. Basket weaving has been in my culture since time immemorial. I will be demonstrating how it is done and you are more than welcome to bring your own supplies and join in.

Supplies: Hemp and Yarn.

Demonstrations will be here at the Pop Up Art Gallery right next to Made In Oregon.

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Mar 052012

Pop Up Art World Gallery is looking for new local artists and craft vendors. Our walls have been spackled and repainted and are in need of some new local work. We are looking for anything and everything! If you make jewelery, jam, buttons, baskets, bookends, bags, stickers, clothing, hoodies, hats, clothing, greeting cards, etc, etc, send us an application ASAP! If you’ve got something to show, we want to see it.

If you’re a local Salem (or anywhere in Oregon) area vendor or artist we want to talk to you! Submit an application form with a ten dollar entry fee. Send us some images or a link to your website showcasing your special work of art or local specialty items. If you have questions please email boz@popupartworld.com


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Mar 012012

Stop by Pop up art Gallery here in the Salem Center Mall for First Wednesday featuring Natalie Cunial of Big Brother Season 9. Natalie is best known for her reality tv appearances, but she is quite the artist with her paintings and portraits of celebrities from Kurt Cobain to Jennifer Lopez. She also does custom portraits, and has a fresh, unique 3D style to her work. We are also showcasing Paula Matthiesen, oil artist, during the event 5-8pm Wednesday, March 7th.

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Jan 052012

The Cave of Secrets at Pop Up offered a simple deal; read everyone’s secrets if you leave your own. Upon changing the installation to Personal Predictions for the new year, we were surprised to find 726 secrets left by Pop Up patrons. While all ages left something, the demographic skewed heavily to the teenies. A thorough analysis of the content was even more surprising, and encouraging. The most common secret (130) began with “I love”. Here are a few:
I love Jess. Katie. I love my brother. I love this store I love Jesus I love you Britney. I love my daughters. I love grandma. I love my mom. I love you mom . I love this playground by Kobe. I love my boyfriend forever best friend forever. I love you Logan. I really love my daughters. I love you? I love my family. I love life. I love you. I love men. I love life I am stronger than I know. I love my black, D close Y equals forever. I love this store! PS my secret is I’m scared of what the future will hold. I love Twinkies. I love Cassandra. I love Katie. I love my best friend but he doesn’t know. I love this artwork. I think I am in love with a song. I love February. I love you Jade. I love big bananas. I love the art and that. I love best friend forever Cynthia forever. I love mom. I love the Buddha painting. I love yourself. I love a man. I love 360. I love Oregon. I love my. I love Art. I love you so much! She’s so sure what loves Haylie L. C+ J for ever. I love you. I love Francine the Pazzo. I love everyone he surrounds me with love. I love Bieber.
More to come…

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Jan 042012

Did you know more than 60 mid-valley creatives are exhibiting at Pop Up art gallery in the Salem Center mall? New artists this month include Nancy Eng, Jody Bartruff, Diana Dettwyler, Patricia Young, Chuck Magee, Jeanne Ground, Patricia St. Clair and Marcie Wolf. Marcie’s encaustic, or hot wax paintings, are on the front wall for First Wednesday.
Sadly, Timmy Bwell and Kerry Elwood are leaving us this month. We’ll miss the mandalas and rugged shorelines. You can catch Timmy’s Buddhas at Venti’s for the next three months. Thanks to all the Pop Up artists! We’re open 5-8ish tonight. Ask for a refreshment!

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