Feb 192013

Among the Forest Floor, 48 x 36, acrylic on wood, 2012
Former Willamette adjunct Kendra Larsen returns to Salem with large format landscape paintings in a March exhibition at Squib in downtown Salem. Larson,  a Portland-based artist, works within the grand tradition of representational landscape painting, while adding contemporary use of colors and materials to the reveal chaos, awe and fear of Pacific Northwest subjects. Larson’s use of watercolor, acrylic, oil graphite and charcoal create  stunning contrasts that draw viewers into the artwork. 4. Among the Forest Floor, a large format acrylic on wood painting, captures the emergence of springtime on the floor of Portland’s Forest Park.
She presently curates the the Vestible at disjecta in Portland, is the exhibition director at Orlo and a Regional Arts & Culture Council Public Art Murals Committee Member.

An artist reception for new exhibitors will be held on Friday, March 1 at 6 pm during Art Spree at Pop Up art gallery in the Salem Center Mall with refreshments provided. Imbued Landscapes will be on exhibit throughout March.

Squib is a 60 ft.  exhibition area in the front windows of the former Grant Department Store downtown and may be viewed 24 hours a day. The area opened in May 2012 and offers exposure for area creatives while reducing blight. The space is administered through Pop Up art gallery in the Salem Center Mall, where private tours can be arranged.